About Us

Established in 1996, Red River Tea Company was the brainchild of Jeff Farris. Having worked in the convenience store channel for a number of years, Jeff, an avid fan of fresh brewed tea and felt he just couldn’t find good iced tea in a c-store. Thus, Jeff began developing a plan.

He immediately recruited the partnership of Rick Scheer, a fellow University of Oklahoma grad, and the two entrepreneurs were on their way to revolutionizing the tea business. By recognizing the need for quality fresh brewed teas in convenience stores, Red River Tea Company set out to brew the very best.

With their understanding of industry dynamics, Red River developed and patented a unique “one cup at a time” fresh brewed tea system called the T-100, and thus the Teazzers brand was born. With the Teazzers® T-100, Red River Tea/Teazzers could deliver the very freshest brewed tea possible, one cup at a time.

Today, with the T-100 as a foundation of quality, the Teazzers brand has grown to be the total tea solutions provider offering a comprehensive offering of platforms for tea and tea-based products. From the original T-100 “one cup at a time” platform, to fresh brewed in the traditional urn, to concentrated tea dispensed from an urn, to concentrate from the soda fountain, Red River Tea Company offers every conceivable solution. All designed for c-stores and their profit needs.

Beyond addressing the iced tea boom, Teazzers also offers a hot tea solution, Chai tea and a frozen tea-based beverage Teazzers Freezzers.

In fifteen years, Red River Tea Company has positioned the Teazzers brand as the leading provider in truly fresh tea, the most important component to profitability and customer satisfaction. Teazzers has a market presence in 38 states. With this success as a foundation, Red River is poised to expand its reach and penetration to and throughout all fifty states by fulfilling a key consumer need by providing Fresh Tea solutions to convenience stores and food service establishments. This segment as historically struggled to provide a quality product for a category which is consumed daily by over half of the U.S population. As a result, tea programs in C-stores have not come close to the profit potential of the category. Teazzers is succeeding in it’s goal to remedy this issue for both C-store owners and customers.