Tea is all we do at Teazzers.

Teazzers® is the Total Tea Solution for your convenience store or food service establishment. Our goal is to help you select and execute the best tea program for your specific needs.

When it comes to maximizing your profit potential, the tea experts at Teazzers exist to help you take advantage of the hottest beverage growth category in the country with a complete line of tea-based offerings.

From fresh brewed tea programs like our new Total Tea Solution Dispenser tea brewer, the innovative T-100, the Teazzers Fresh Brew Tea Starter Kit, State Fair Tea fresh brew large-volume dispenser, Teazzers chai tea to Teazzers Freezzers frozen tea drinks, our entire line provides a complete array of solutions for any budget — all embracing the Teazzers virtues of quality, innovation and profitability.

Teazzers® custom teas are manufactured and packaged right here in Texas.